Track record

Bignon Lebray advises NG Biotech, a young SME from Brittany that has perfected rapid detection tests for COVID-19 antibodies.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Barbara Bertholet, Partner and Rachel Devidal, lawyer, have advised NG Biotech in the implementation of its regulatory strategy and negotiation of contracts related to these tests with its public institutional partners, clients and suppliers.

Founded in 2012, NG Biotech is a family-owned biotech company specializing in research, development, production and marketing of rapid biological diagnostic solutions in various sectors of human, animal and industrial health.

NG Biotech has developed serological tests for the rapid detection (result in 15 minutes) of antibodies produced in persons contaminated by the Covid-19 virus. Reserved for professional use, they are designed and manufactured in France and have the CE mark. They have been validated by the Institut Pasteur (National Reference Centre for Respiratory Infection Viruses) and by the French High Authority for Health.

Barbara Bertholet and Rachel Devidal have been working with NG Biotech since 2017, mainly on the other ranges of rapid detection tests developed by NG Biotech, particularly in the field of bacteriology with its rapid detection test for antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and in the field of women’s health with its range of serological pregnancy tests.

These tests are available in more than 70 countries, including the United States.

Located in Brittany, NG Biotech has a complete structure with an R&D laboratory and two production units that comply with international quality standards.