Track record


BIGNON LEBRAY advises Obione on raising €1M in funds

Thierry PERMEZEL, partner, and Laëtitia BENOIT, associate, advised Obione, a company that designs and markets animal feed, on raising a total of €1M.

Obione raised €1M from financial investors after a funding round that brought together Invest PME (FCPI Industrie and Filières 4) and Rhône-Alpes PME (FIP Ambition Régions 2). The remainder of the funds were provided by a Bpifrance loan.

Obione was created in 2008 by three partners, two of whom veterinarians, and rapidly became a leader on the French market due to its innovative products for production livestock. The company continued to grow, and in 2012 expanded to hygiene products for production livestock and to pet food in 2015.

Obione now offers and extensive product range, including a range that can be used in organic agriculture, a professional applications for veterinarians, breeders and experts, diagnostic tools, and technical services. Obione initiated the Démarche Happy initiative in the livestock farming and veterinary sector, with the aim of promoting animal welfare. The company has managed to carve a niche in the veterinary laboratory sector by combining the sale of its products with its offer of services, advice and training.

In order to be able to meet the expectations of veterinarians and farmers wishing to restrict the use of antibiotics and regain control of their animals’ health, Obione is continuing to innovate and extend its product range.

This transaction will allow Obione to invest in adapted equipment with a view to doubling its turnover over the next four years.