Track record

Bignon Lebray law firm has advised the Hopale foundation in the acquisition of “les Acacias” clinic

Thomas Buffin, Jérôme Granotier and Tanguy Dubly were the advisors of the Hopale foundation in the purchase of “Les Acacias” clinic located in Cucq (Hauts-de-France).

The deal worth several million euros was completed in July and concerned the acquisition of “Les Acacias” clinic after the announcement of the retirement of the managers of the medical establishment. The Hopale group, which manages renowned medical establishments such as the Institut Calot, has acquired and is now the majority shareholder of “Les Acacias” clinic.

As part of this acquisition, Thomas Buffin, a partner specializing in acquisitions, mergers and business transfers, provided his expertise and advice to the Hopale Foundation. He was accompanied for the tax part by Jérôme Granotier, partner, and Tanguy Dubly, attorney-at-law, specializing respectively in tax law and in corporate law and mergers and acquisitions. The group financed the acquisition of the clinic’s business and buildings on its own equity while confirming its determination not to proceed to any job cuts.

Through this transaction, the Hopale Foundation aims to increase and diversify its activity. “Les Acacias” clinic is a cost-effective and versatile facility. The establishment is dedicated to several medical specialties such as visceral, eye, and orthopedic surgery as well as gerontological medicine.