17 Bignon Lebray lawyers recognised Best Lawyers 2025

17 Bignon Lebray lawyers recognised Best Lawyers 2025

The American legal magazine “Best Lawyers” has published its 2025 ranking of French lawyers, recognized by their peers.

This year, seventeen of our lawyers are listed in the 2025 edition of Best Lawyers, across eighteen categories:

▶️Corporate Law : Antoine Arminjon, Thierry Permezel, Neil Robertson et Pierre-Emmanuel Scherrer

▶️​M&A : Antoine Arminjon et Thierry Permezel

▶️​Leveraged Buyouts : Alban Van de Vyver

▶️​Banking and Finance Law : Serge Rastorgoueff

▶️​Employee Benefits Law : Jérémie Boublil et Marie-Charlotte Diriart

▶️ Labor and Employment Law : Antoine Benoit

▶️​Tax Law : Pierre-Emmanuel Scherrer

▶️​Intellectual Property Law : Barbara BertholetElise DufourNicolas Moreau

▶️Privacy and Data Security Law : Nicolas Moreau

▶️ Information Technology Law : Nicolas Moreau

▶️Telecommunications Law : Christophe Fichet

▶️​Litigation : Caroline Cazaux

▶️Real Estate Law : Laurence Defontaine

▶️​Biotechnology and Life Sciences Practice: Barbara Bertholet et Caroline Cazaux

▶️Health Care Law : Barbara Bertholet et Caroline Cazaux

▶️​Transportation Law : Philippe Larivière 

▶️​Sports Law: Neil Robertson

▶️Retail Law : Raphaële Delorme

Congratulations to Jérémie Boublil, Caroline Cazaux, Christophe Fichet, and Serge Rastorgoueff who have been listed for the first time in the 2025 Best Lawyers France ranking.

Thank you to our clients and peers for their votes and recommendations.

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