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China Desk: Xiaolin Fu-Bourgne will intervene at the Greater Paris Investments Opportunities Seminar, on June 26 in Hong Kong and Bignon Lebray will be participating in the Belt and Road Summit in Hong Kong on June 28

As a member of the French delegation of the Paris-Ile de France Economic Capital Association, Xiaolin Fu-Bourgne will host a conference at the “Greater Paris Investments Opportunities” seminar to be held on Tuesday, June 26, 2018 in Hong Kong. During this seminar, she will present the general framework of investment regulations in Paris and France.

Following this event, Xiaolin will also be present, along with the Paris-Ile de France Economic Capital Association at the “Belt and Road Summit” which will take place on June 28 in Hong Kong.

The “Belt and Road Summit” brings together representatives of international institutions, business leaders and industry experts from different Asian and European countries who exchange views on multilateral cooperation, and explore new business opportunities.

Greater Paris Investment Agency is an association created by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry and brings together more than one hundred major French and international companies. The mission is to attract new foreign investors in Île-de-France with the ambition to contribute to enhancing the international influence of Paris, as the economic capital of Europe.