Goal against the Stade de France Consortium: The company’s claim for compensation is dismissed

In 2016 the Stade de France had been mobilised for football Eurocup. As a result, Consortium Stade de France, the company responsible for managing the use of the stadium, had suffered a significant loss, since the stadium was unavailable from 10 June to 10 July 2016.

The Consortium Stade de France took the matter to the Paris Administrative Tribunal and claimed damages from the French State, in the amount of €7,450,000.

The company argued that the promise made by the French State to compensate it for losses linked to the unavailability of the Stade de France had not been kept. The State had, it claimed, made the same promise for the Rugby World Cup in 2007 and the World Athletics Championships in 2003. In addition, the fact it was unable to host concerts and events such as the Top 14 rugby championship final, had resulted in an operating loss.

On 13 April 2023, the Paris Administrative Tribunal dismissed the Consortium’s claim.

In its ruling, the Tribunal stated that, although the French authorities had defended France’s bid for the event, this did not allow the State to be held liable for the losses suffered by Consortium Stade de France. The judges also noted that the Stade de France concession contract compelled the concessionaire to “seek to attract the biggest events” and to “prioritise (…) hosting major events organised under the auspices of the FFF“.

In addition, the Administrative Tribunal noted that the State had “contractually agreed to bear the financial consequences” of the World Athletics Championships in 2003 and the Rugby World Cup in 2007, but that this “did not amount to any commitment on its part to repeat this practice“.

The company Consortium Stade de France had until 13 June 2023 to lodge an appeal against the ruling of the Paris Administrative Court, which it did not do.