[COVID-19] Our dedicated report

The COVID-19 pandemic currently raging around the world is causing unprecedented disruption to the global economy and particularly to our country.

In this context, exceptional measures are being taken to respond to the issues and support the economy.

Many questions arise, and the objective of our special report is to provide you with the best possible information by gathering together articles from our lawyers on the subject (covering various sectors and fields). We have also included some public information (via links) that we think will be useful to you in the current situation.

New legislation is constantly emerging and is being closely monitored by our lawyers. This file will therefore evolve and be continuously updated.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our lawyers. They are available to help you during this period.

Financial assistance measures for businesses :

Corporate Law, Mergers & Acquisitions

Competition, Distribution, Contracts & Consumer Affairs

Tax Law

Health Law

Intellectual Property & New Technologies

Property law & Property management

[Meritas | COVID-19] Legal and Commercial Impacts in Europe

As a member of the Meritas international network of law firms, Bignon Lebray participates in writing a number of articles published by Meritas (in English) and dealing with the main legal and commercial impacts resulting from the coronavirus epidemic in Europe.

Click here to read the articles already published