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Elise Dufour auditioned in Cédric Villani’s report: “Giving a meaning to artificial intelligence (AI)”

In September 2017, Mr. Cédric Villani, mathematician and MP, was entrusted with leading a mission on the implementation of a French and European strategy in artificial intelligence (AI). His report was published on Wednesday, March 28, 2018. It tackles successively different facets of AI: economic policy, research, employment, ethics, social cohesion. Five annexes moreover emphasize areas of particular interest: education, health, agriculture, transport, defense and security.

Numerous avenues are also proposed, such as creating a network of Interdisciplinary Artificial Intelligence Institutes, setting up a supercomputer designed specifically for AI applications, or setting up facilities to make the careers in public research more attractive and avoid the brain drain to major American companies.

As President of Cyberlex, Elise was auditioned by the Villani Commission on issues of algorithm protection and data exploitation as part of a project implementing artificial intelligence.

Find the report by clicking here