China Desk

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We have held a license to practice law in China granted by the Chinese ministry of justice since 2007. Through our Shanghai and Beijing offices, we are one of the few French law firms that have an effective and official presence in China.

Our firm specialises in Franco-Chinese investments and advises both French and Chinese clients on projects in China, Europe and Africa.

Our dual approach is based on the following pillars:

  • Our permanent presence in China is ensured through our Shanghai office which is led by Mr Liwei Song (Local Partner) and which have been granted a license to practice law by the Chinese ministry of justice.
  • Our bi-cultural team led by Xiao Lin Fu-Bourgne, an Of Counsel of Chinese descent, and Jacques Goyet, partner, which relies on the expertise of lawyers across our 11 practice areas.

French investors in China

We share our professional network (which includes accountants, intellectual property experts, etc.) and advise our clients on the following matters:

  • Relations with Chinese authorities
  • Registering and protecting trademarks and patents
  • Opening representative offices
  • Company incorporation (joint ventures or WFOEs)
  • Tax planning and tax and customs structuring of cross-border transactions
  • Assistance to employees and expatriates (visas, residence permits, employment contracts, internal policies, etc.)
  • Establishing distribution networks
  • General terms and conditions of sale
  • Letters of intent and confidentiality agreements
  • Audits and feasibility studies for acquisitions
  • Web-based services provision contracts
  • Licensing agreements, transfer of know-how and technology contracts
  • French/Chinese/English translation

Chinese investors in France

Our China Desk, based in our Paris office, works in partnership with our other departments across our Paris, Lille, Lyon and Aix-Marseille offices to advise on the following matters:

  • Relations with French and European authorities
  • Company or asset acquisitions, including
    • Negotiating and drafting shareholder agreements
    • Negotiating and drafting SPAs and asset and liability guarantees
    • International tax structuring of acquisitions (choosing a holding company, tax planning, assessment of tax costs)
  • Obtaining visas and residence permits
  • Company incorporation / Opening of offices
  • Setting up franchising networks
  • Filing and protection of trademarks and patents
  • Tax strategies and structuring international activities (in particular as related to customs, VAT, and transfer pricing)
  • Providing tax and wealth management services to executives
  • Managing expatriate taxation (in particular tax returns)
  • Drafting employment contracts for foreign and Chinese employees
  • Corporate secretarial services

International network

Association Franco-Chinoise pour le Droit Economique

Bignon Lebray is partner of the Association Franco-Chinoise pour le Droit Economique (AFCDE).

The AFCDE was created on october 6th 1986 with the support of the Paris Bar. It gathers the French and Chinese practitioners of Chinese law (lawyers, magistrates, academics, corporate representatives) and has continually boadened its scope of action, in order to increase its knowledge of Chinese law.