Innovation in Transfer Pricing

Safe progress in a complex environment

Safe progress in a complex environment


Transfer pricing-related issues affect both French and international companies, regardless of their size, as soon as they branch out to other countries and make intragroup transactions (e.g. sale of products or services, royalties, interests).
Apart from showing their adherence to the “arm’s-length principle” nature of intragroup pricing, these companies must respect the declarative and documentary duties in the countries where they are present.
The documentation contents can correspond to an apparently common norm (e.g. OECD model, UN model), or depart from it to a greater or lesser extent. Each state’s legislation decides the contents of its documentation- and declaration-related duties, as well as their thresholds and the sanctions in the case of fault.

Who is it for?

Depending on your needs, we offer suitable assistance solutions,
whether: your company is considering international expansion, your SME is already internationally established, or your multinational company is subject to country by country reporting (CBCR).