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BIGNON LEBRAY has for several years set up a team specializing in Energy and Sustainable Development made up of specialists of public law, urban planning, land use, environment and classified facilities as well as real estate, industrial contracts, finance, corporate and tax law so that its clients may benefit from a comprehensive industry expertise while implementing their projects.

Our team has assisted clients in the elaboration of several projects of the energy sector. Significant transactions have indeed encompassed wind, solar, cogeneration, biomass, and wood. Various transactions have dealt with sustainable development, involving businesses and individuals determined to changing behavior in the long run and ensuring a better protection of the environment with instruments as diverse as trucks eco tax, contactless transport badges, car sharing, investment in ecological building materials, greenhouse gas emission trading scheme, urban distribution centers, energy efficiency, and ecological restoration.

BIGNON LEBRAY’s team consists of lawyers who have traditionally and long lastingly been assisting public authorities in various litigious and non litigious matters, including lawyers from English firms, precursor firms on financing projects in energy sectors and infrastructure, hence enabling to provide our clients with a secure legal expertise, which is both creative and innovative and in total sync with the economic reality affecting these projects.

Our team therefore advises manufacturers, operators, investors, banks and public entities. Our specialists are involved in mergers and acquisitions, and in the financing of construction and development projects, as well as in public tenders, and in the negotiation of industrial contracts and litigations.