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For many years, BIGNON LEBRAY has advised renowned French and international industrial groups active, most notably, in the chemical, agri-food and pharmaceutical sectors.

We began to assist these clients when they first opened their business in France, and continued to assist them with the development and redeployment of their activities, as well as with managing relations with clients, suppliers, and the administrative authorities that oversee their activities.

This has enabled BIGNON LEBRAY to gain extensive experience in the field of industrial contracts (supply, provision, maintenance, logistics, industrial services, engineering, turnkey, etc.) and contracts related to energy shipment and provision (water, gas, electricity). As these projects require multi-disciplinary legal expertise, project managers work closely with lawyers from all of Bignon Lebray’s departments to ensure successful outcomes for their clients.

BIGNON LEBRAY also relies on a network of consultants who can provide technical expertise in a variety of fields, especially in the event of disputes related to industrial risk.