Urban planning & Development

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The AMO team of the department of Public Law and Environment of BIGNON LEBRAY is especially directed towards the securing of development and planning operations (any transactions involving tertiary, trading, and housing operations or commercial premises).

We help investors, developers, and project owners in choosing the mode of development and operational scheme and then work together with architects, planners, surveyors and engineering firms to secure all operational steps: audit of development licenses; audit of building permits; validation of CDAC / CNAC records, impact studies, or matters falling under the ERP Water Act, or ERP files. We ensure that authorizations are duly served (e.g. posting and reporting validation). In case of litigation, in addition to defending the obtained approvals, we determine the necessary strategy to accelerate proceedings and propose necessary adjustment options (amending building permit), so as to positively serve the permits and result in launching and developing the operations. To achieve this goal, we have partnered with notaries and instructing services.

We complement our expertise with the help of our Real Estate and Tax Law departments (e.g. lease negotiation, tax optimization) to provide the most comprehensive expertise to our clients for all their planning or development operations.