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Bignon Lebray advises Financière Fonds Privés (FFP) in connection with the acquisition of the Collin group

Edouard Waels, Partner and Quentin Dosda, Associate, have advised Financière Fonds Privés (FFP) as part of the acquisition of the Collin Group, distributor of medical equipment specializing in the field of otolaryngology.

As part of this transaction, FFP invested 6 million euros. The former directors, Paul Jaeckel and Michel le Masson, retain a minority stake in the capital and will accompany their successor, Nicolas Prévost, for the next twelve months.

The medical equipment distribution company posted € 11 million in revenues for an EBITDA margin of nearly 7%. After launching a surgical navigator, the DigiPointeur, in 2002, it has since 2005 developed a remotely-operated robot for middle and inner ear surgery, the RobOtol, marketed since last year.

The purpose of this transaction is to enable the company to double its turnover within five years. To this effect, a budget dedicated to the financing of growth was planned to invest in favor of RobOtol via the recruitment of engineers and salespeople.

Financière Fonds Privés, set up in 2008, is the result of a passion shared by a team of experienced professionals with extensive expertise in Private Equity, high added-value transactions, and management of companies of all sizes.

Their ambition is twofold: to allow private investors who wish to invest in unlisted companies to achieve it with a professional approach, to enable entrepreneurs seeking equity financing to find capital and partners involved in their development project. Their trade is to organize between private investors and companies, capital-intensive partnerships that are highly value-creating for each party.

Involved in the transaction:

Purchaser or Investor FINANCIERE FONDS PRIVES (FFP): Baptiste Proveau, Arthur Droin, Pierre-Michel Deléglise, Matei Costa-Foru;

Nicolas Prévost

Seller Fondateurs: Paul Jaeckel, Michel Le Masson
Purchaser Business Bank /

M & A Advisor

WAGRAM CONSEIL: Olivier Larrat
Purchaser Corporate Counsel

Tax Structuring

BIGNON LEBRAY: Edouard Waels, Quentin Dosda,


Seller Corporate Counsel

Tax Structuring

Caroline Wittmar Dufour
VDD Intellectual Property AUGUST DEBOUZY : Geoffroy Thill
VDD Financial BM&A: Emmanuel Conjard, Yannick Pasteur
VDD Other ADAQ CONSEIL: Didier Assous
Corporate Business Bank / M & A Advisor Henri Fages
Managers Other Counsels SQUARENESS: Jérôme Fortin