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1. Access to the website

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2. Intellectual Property

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The same applies to any databases that may be included in the website and which are also protected by the Intellectual Property Code.

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The full or partial reproduction of these distinguishing marks from the website without the express consent of the website publisher is therefore prohibited under the terms of the Intellectual Property Code.

3. Hyperlinks

Bignon Lebray reserves the right to delete any hyperlinks to third-party websites if they become contrary to the principles of the legal profession, in accordance with Bignon Lebray’s internal policy.

Users of the website may not create an embedded link to the website without Bigon Lebray’s prior written consent.

This consent will under no circumstances be considered an implicit affiliation agreement.

In any event, all hyperlinks leading to the firm’s website must be deleted upon Bignon Lebray’s first request.

4. Personal Data Protection and Cookies

In order to obtain information on the cookies used as well as the personal data protection measures that have been implemented, users are referred to the Privacy and Cookie Policy.

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